Erik Mendizabal

5' 9" 165 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown 
Born:  October 25, 1986
Trinidad, Bolivia 

player pic
"#11 ERIK"
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Career Statistics at Dania Jai-Alai 
Year (season)  Games 
Win  Place  Show  Win 
% in 
2011/12 winter 953 *151 129 133 .158 .433
2011 summer 718 *99 109 110 .138 .443
2010/11 winter 833 *142 112 101 .170 .426
2010 summer 537 91 72 82 .170 .438
2009/10 winter 891 *137 134 103 .154 .420
2009 summer 885 *149 122 124 .168 .446
2008/09 winter 1109 *230 179 132 .207 .488
2008 summer 879 *171 136 115 .195 .480
2007/08 winter 1156 *224 168 157 .194 .475
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* Denotes top ten in wins.

Personal Q & A
Languages: English, Spanish, Basque
Favorite Movies: In Search of Happiness
Favorite TV Shows:  Fresh Prince, Simpsons
Favorite Performers:  Will Smith, Krilin and Gotten
Hobbies: Listen to music, go to the beach and go out with my friends
Favorite Foods:  Paella, squid in black ink
Favorite Sports Star:  Lekue, Xabat, Frank
Favorite Childhood Memory: Going to school
Proudest Moment:  Meet Garbine
Most Embarrassing Moment: I never get embarrassed
Age I began playing Jai-Alai: 9
Relatives playing Jai-Alai: none
Strongest part of my game: catching
Weakest part of my game: costado
If I weren't playing Jai-Alai I would like to be:  a gigolo
What I most enjoy about playing Jai-Alai: winning
My Fantasy is:  
Major Accomplishments: playing in Dania and winning the Most Wins
I'd give anything to meet: Will Smith
Superstitions: none
My friends like me because:  I say what I think
When people meet me they think:   
If I've learned one thing in life it's:  appreciate life
I've never been able to:  
If I could do it over again: play jai-alai again
My most irrational act:  
The worst part of my job is: staying away from my family and friends
I can't stand when: when players complain
Best advice my parents ever gave me: be myself
Nobody knows I'm:   
Nobody knows I:   
I'm better than anyone else when it comes to:  
Nobody would believe it if they saw me:  
Behind my back people say: