Manex Urtasun

5' 11" 180 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown 
Born: July 12, 1983 
Irun, Spain 

player pic

"#29 MANEX"


Career Statistics at Dania Jai-Alai 
Year (season)  Games 
Win  Place  Show  Win 
% in 
2011/12 winter 606 50 89 85 .083 .370
2011 summer 622 67 78 94 .108 .384
2010/11 winter 797 95 97 90 .119 .354
2010 summer 858 *118 120 123 .138 .421
2009/10 winter 1025 *150 162 133 .146 .434
2009 summer 876 122 104 120 .139 .395
2008/09 winter 664 115 72 72 .173 .390
2008 summer 568 66 84 72 .116 .391
2007/08 winter 782 88 114 93 .113 .377
2007/08 winter new to roster          
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* Denotes top ten in wins.

Personal Q & A
Languages: Spanish, French, English
Favorite Movies: The Pianist, Ciudad de Dios
Favorite TV Shows:  The Simpsons, Sports
Favorite Performers:  Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson
Hobbies: Go to the mountains, music
Favorite Foods:  pasta
Favorite Sports Star:  Valentino Rossi, Miguel Indurain
Favorite Childhood Memory: My first trip to Italy
Proudest Moment:  When I got my economic degree
Most Embarrassing Moment:  
Age I began playing Jai-Alai: 10
Relatives playing Jai-Alai: none
Strongest part of my game: reverse
Weakest part of my game: placement
If I weren't playing Jai-Alai I would like to be:  businessman
What I most enjoy about playing Jai-Alai: to play well
My Fantasy is: to travel around the world
Major Accomplishments: playing at Dania Jai-Alai
I'd give anything to meet: someone very famous
Superstitions: none
My friends like me because:  I am honest and funny
When people meet me they think:  I don't know
If I've learned one thing in life it's:  To respect my family and to be strong
I've never been able to:  
If I could do it over again: have studied history
My most irrational act: driving without a license
The worst part of my job is: I'm far away from my family
I can't stand when: I miss an easy ball
Best advice my parents ever gave me: to believe in yourself
Nobody knows I'm:  shy
Nobody knows I:  I played piano during 5 years
I'm better than anyone else when it comes to:  
Nobody would believe it if they saw me: