Charlie Medrano, Jr.

5' 6" 130 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown 
Born: December 16, 1985  
Manila, Philippines

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Career Statistics at Dania Jai-Alai 
Year (season)  Games 
Win  Place  Show  Win 
% in 
2011/12 winter 918 *128 112 105 .139 .376
2011 summer 683 93 81 92 .136 .389
2010/11 winter 652 96 96 85 .147 .425
2010 summer 906 *144 135 131 .159 .453
2009/10 winter 827 117 113 115 .141 .417
2009 summer 1118 *204 150 143 .182 .445
2008/09 winter 979 122 144 110 .125 .384
2008 summer 1122 *154 147 123 .137 .378
2007/08 winter 848 75 108 104 .088 .338
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* Denotes top ten in wins.

Personal Q & A
Languages: English, Tagalog
Favorite Movies: Ugly Coyote, Armageddon, Shrek
Favorite TV Shows:  Charmed, Travel and Discovery Channel
Favorite Performers:  Michael learns to Rock
Hobbies: fishing
Favorite Foods:  Spanish and Philippines food
Favorite Sports Star:  Michael Jordan
Favorite Childhood Memory: living with my grandparents
Proudest Moment:  being a professional
Most Embarrassing Moment: none
Age I began playing Jai-Alai: 11
Relatives playing Jai-Alai: none
Strongest part of my game: rebote
Weakest part of my game: bote korido, costado
If I weren't playing Jai-Alai I would like to be:  teacher
What I most enjoy about playing Jai-Alai: everything
My Fantasy is: to play with the best players here in Dania
Major Accomplishments: play in Dania Jai-Alai as a pro
I'd give anything to meet: Marian Rivera (actress in Philippines)
Superstitions: none
My friends like me because:  being truthful and friendly
When people meet me they think:  I am shy
If I've learned one thing in life it's:  be yourself
I've never been able to: go to Boracay Beach
If I could do it over again: play jai-alai in Manila and go back to school
My most irrational act:  
The worst part of my job is: be far away from my family
I can't stand when: I lose a game
Best advice my parents ever gave me: trust yourself
Nobody knows I'm:  shy
Nobody knows I:  cook
I'm better than anyone else when it comes to: listening to somebody's problem
Nobody would believe it if they saw me: dancing
Behind my back people say: