A ball that is picked up off the court floor on a short hop. One of the most difficult catches in jai-alai.
Refers to any type of kill shot.

REBOTE: Return of ball from back wall with forehand or backhand.

A forehand shot which is thrown low with a sidearm motion. The ball hits just above the red cushion and then cuts toward the sidewall.
A ball which hugs the side wall making it difficult to catch.

CORTADA: Ball thrown from outside court hits front wall low and floor.

Any backhand shot which is thrown from the shoulder level or above.
A shot which is thrown from the frontcourt area by the wood. The ball hits the front wall near the corner, then the side wall and returns to the outside. This shot is very difficult to return because of the tremendous amount of spin it puts on the ball.

CHULA: Ball hits between back wall and floor, comes out with no bounce.

A "change of pace" or drop shot that is thrown just above the lower red cushion. The ball is thrown very softly and drops with a small bounce.
A shot where the ball hits the floor near the back wall, bounces up to the back wall and then straight back down into the floor.

DOS PAREDES: Thrown ball hits side, front wall and court, then screen.

An overhand shot thrown with a great amount of wrist action which results in the ball taking an extremely high bounce.